Introduction to Simple Salud

Hello everyone!

My name is Natalie, but most people call me Nat. I am half-Colombian, half-English, but was raised by my Colombian mother in America (bit of wild ride in the cultures, ay?). I absolutely love Colombian cooking, but as I have grown older my sensitive stomach has begun to fight me! I can no longer digest red meat or dairy like I used to. If you’re Hispanic, you probably understand why that’s quite tough. Red meat, especially pork, is essential in many Hispanic diets. My mum was taught growing up that if there was no meat in the fridge, then we had no food. Even if it was FULL of vegetables. Now that I can’t eat meat as well, we’ve had to change our diet some.

While I was researching vegetarian and vegan Hispanic dishes, I could barely find anything. I tried YouTube and different blogs, but none of them seemed to have a diet similar to ours. There were many “inspired” dishes but none that were actually OURS! It was so difficult to find Hispanic or Latinx vegetarians, vegans, or just a health-based bloggers.

Now I’m not doing this blog to tell people to be vegetarian or vegan; I’m not either of those myself. However, I have noticed that many in our community do not eat well and many in our community suffer from diet-related illnesses. This blog will focus on simple steps to support more salud (health) in our diets! Especially for us in the Hispanic/Latinx community!

Join me in this adventure as we learn together how to be more saludablé (healthier)!

Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

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